1 Name of the NSF/Organization Equestrian Federation of India
C/o ‘B’ Squadron, 61 Cavalry (Old Location)
Cariappa Marg
Delhi Cantt -110010
2 Date of last election held alongwith the details of the electoral college of the said election 29 Sep 2019
Election Result (Download File)
Electoral College (Download File)
3 Details of recognition of International/ Asian body (Copy of letter to be posted) Federation Equestre Internationale (Download File)
Asian Equestrian Federation(Download File)
International Tent Pegging Federation (Download File)
4 Name & Contact details of office bearers List Available on Website (Download File)
5 Details of ACTC for the year 2018 – 19 (Download File)
2019 – 20 (Not Approved)
2020 – 21 (Download File)
6 Annual Audit Accounts for last 3 financial years along balance sheet (As audited by C.A in CAG’s Panel) Note: Annual report for preceding year to be uploaded by 01st October of the current year. Accounts as on 31 Mar 2015 (Download File)
Accounts as on 31 Mar 2016 (Download File)
Accounts as on 31 Mar 2017 (Download File)
Accounts as on 31 Mar 2018 (Download File)
Accounts as on 31 Mar 2019 (Download File)
Accounts as on 31 Mar 2020 (Download File)
7 Name and contact details of the firm which audited accounts. Gyan Chandra & Co, D-183, IInd Floor,
Lajpat Nagar-I, New Delhi-110024.
Tele No +91-11- 46543683 Email : pradeepca@hotmail.com
8 Copy of Valid registration certificate of the Federation (Download File)
9 (i) Constitution of the organization/NSFs. Statutes 2017 Edition (Download File)
Amendments Made in 2018 (Download File)
Amendments Made in 2019 (Download File)
(ii) Copy of Memorandum/Articles of the association As above
10 Affiliation criteria of State/UT/Clubs units alongwith details of voting rights of each unit As per EFI Statutes Edition 2017 (Download File)
Articles : 004 to Article 007 as mentioned.
11 Name of the affiliated units with their registration numbers (Download File)
12 Name and Contact details of President and Secretary of affiliated units. (Download File)
13 Details of National Championships conducted during the current calendar yr. Calendar 2018-19 (Download File)
Calendar 2019-20 (Download File)
14 Calendar for National & Zonal championship to be held during current/ Next calendar year along with venue Event Calendar available on EFI Website www.efinf.org
Calendar 2020 - 21 (Download Now)
15 Details in respect of international events abroad & held in India:- (Download File)
(i) List of core probable’s and basis of their selection. Mr Fouaad Mirza is probable for Tokyo Olympics 2020
Basis of selection is as per MER specified by Federation Equestre Internationale.

Olympics 2020 Revised Qualification (Download Now)

List of Core Probables other international events held abroad/in India (Download File)
(ii) Details of coaching camps organized including venue, dates and list of participants (Download Now)
(iii) Notification of selection criteria for such events at least 06 months in advance alongwith the details of time and venue for selection. Selection of Team going abroad is carried out by the Selection Committee based on their past performance (excluding Asian Games). As regards to the Tent Pegging team for 3rd World Cup, 10 Athletes/Probables were selected based on their past performance and thereafter five team riders were selected. Selection criteria already available on EFI Website.

Selection Criteria 18 th Asian Games 2018 (Download Now)

Selection Criteria Asian Continental Championship 2019 (Downlaod Now)

Selection Criteria World Cup Tent Pegging 2018 (Download Now)
(iv) List of the athletes selected (Download Now)
(v) Details of athletes support personnel and other officials sent to the event alongwith the amount paid to them towards Air fare, boarding and lodging local transportation. Daily allowance etc. This is required to be placed on the website with results within 15 days of conclusion of the event. (Downloas Now)
(vi) Performance criteria which formed the basis of selection actual performance in terms of timing distance etc and the position obtained by each athlete/team. Based on the past performance of the riders In National/International Event & Selection Trials of events, Selection Committee selected the athletes & Horse.

National/FEI Results are available on EFI Website

18th Asian Games 2018 , Jakarta - Selection of Indian Team (Download Now)
16 List of I cards issued to National Athletes with Name of athlete. I Card No & validity date Rider ID Number issued to each Athlete with one year validity.
Riders Registration and Horses Registration Numbers are available on EFI website
17 The details of certificates issued by the NSFs to the participants such as the name of the athlete date of event, position obtained by the athlete .etc Certificates are issued for first three positions for National/FEI Eventing Competitions. As regards to FEI World Challenge, Certificates are issued by FEI on completion of Zone Competitions. Results are available on EFI Website.
2018 - 19 (Download Now)
2019-20(Download Now)
18 Action taken by the NSF for prevention of age fraud. No age fraud has occurred as there is a procedure of registration of athletes with their complete details
19 Notifying/updating the present selection Committee for national athletes EFI Website http://www.efinf.org/selection_cmte.html
20 Note on efforts for having dope free sports and compliance to WADA/NADA Code along with details of cases found positive during the last calendar year and action taken thereon Dope testing being carried out at random during all EFI approved events.FEI Dope Testing being carried out as per directions of FEI.
21 Details (Amount & Source) of funds received from other sources including private sponsors’ public sector undertakings. State Governments etc. Refer to Serial No 6 above
22 Revenue generated by the NSF on its own Refer to Serial No 6 above
23 Date on which the website was last updated 16 Nov 2019 & 26 May 2020 & 23 June 2020

C/O ‘B’ Sqn, 61 Cavalry ,

Cariappa Marg,

Delhi Cantt – 110010, India