Equestrian Federation of India (EFI) is the sole authority of governing equestrian sports in India. The federation is a registered body under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 and recognized by Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports (MYAS), Sports Authority of India (SAI), Indian Olympic Association (IOA) and Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI). Since its inception in 1967 the office of EFI has shifted from place to place, in absence of a permanent location of its own thereby hampering the smooth functioning of its secretariat. Further due to adhoc arrangement for its office accommodation EFI is not able to create any permanent structure for its use. The Equestrian Federation of India is a nonprofit making body, run with the support of Army primarily to develop and promote the equestrian sport in the country


1.  The Equestrian Federation of India was constituted in 1967, and is duly registered with the Registrar of Societies under the Societies Registration Act (Act xxi of 1860). Hereinafter referred to as EFI.

2.  The registered office of the EFI is located at C/o "B" Squadron 61 Cavalry Cariappa Marg,Delhi Cantt - 10 (India) in the State of Delhi. Tele cum Fax No: + 91-11-25683601,25683602 Website www.enf.org

3.  The EFI Emblem is a Striking Horse-head in the Indian Tricolour within a Chakra (wheel).

4.  The EFI Flag consists of the Tri-Colour Logo of the Federation on a White Satin a contemporary splash of the Indian Flag.





1. EFI is a recognized body of Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI) and will be the sole authority for conducting in INDIA all National and International Equestrian disciplines recognized by them.

2.  To encourage and develop Equestrian sport in Olympic/FEI disciplines and Equestrian sport peculiar to India and Asian region and improve the standard of performance of Indian riders in various international events.

3.  To promote interest in riding, breeding of required type of horses, their training, care veterinary control and medication.

4.  To establish and publish rules and regulations for conduct of National Events and events peculiar to Asia region. All events in general will be governed by FEI/EFI rules.

5. To allot, approve programmes for equestrian competition held under the aegis of EFI in India and exercise conrol over their technical organization and actual conduct.

6.  To encourage holding of competitions, provide technical know-how and promote highest standard of organization.

7.  To organize Coaching Camps, Clinics in Judging,Course Designing,technical delegate,steward and Veterinary Control of all equestrian disciplines approved and recognized by FEI/EFI.

8.  To organize training and appoint adequate number of judges, Course Designers and Veterinarians in various Equestrian disciplines in order to get them empanelled with FEI.

9.  To promote understanding and co-operation between various State associations, its members, and give them support and strengthen their authority, prestige and improve equestrian standards throughout the country.

10.  To assist Organizing Committee of local Horse Shows by extending technical know-how, in terms of appointment of judges, etc.

11.  To print, publish and sell periodicals, books or leaflets to promote equestrian sport in order to keep all its members updated on all aspects.

12.  To arrange representation of the EFI in International bodies, Asian bodies and in such other bodies as is considered necessary and to participate in their meetings and proceedings.

13.  To acquire and dispose off property, movable and immovable in the best interest of the federation.

14.  To undertake, create and execute any trust, which may lawfully be undertaken by the Federation.

15.  To borrow or raise money for the purposes for which the Federation has been constituted.

16.  To render financial assistance, as and when possible, to its members to further the objects of the Federation.

17.  To liaise and co-opeate with Government and other organisation, private bodies and clubs for the promotion and development of any one or more of the objectives of the Federation.

18.  Generally to do all acts necessary and expedient for the promotion of any of the above objectives or any other objectives which are ancillary and/or incidental to the above ojectives or to any one of them that will further the general purposes of the Federation.

19.  As required under Section 2 of the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 (Punjab Amendment Act 1957) as extended to the Union Territory of Delhi, the names, address, occupation and designation of the members of the Executive Committee will be issued to all concerned from time to time.

20.  Utilisation of Fund:The funds and property of the society shall be used only for the purpose and objectives of the society.



1. The EFI is based on principles of equality and mutual respect between all members without prejudice to race,colour, region and internal political beliefs.

2.  All members of EFI will recognize its parental body as the sole authority for National and International Equestrian Disciplines conducted under their aegis. In case of any disagreement, the decision of President on advise of the Executive Committee of EFI will be final.

3.  The EFI has complete jurisdiction over all its competitors.

1. The responsibility of the Management of the EFI will lie with Executive Committee. The following will constitute the Executive Committee consisting of 22 members:

    1.1 The President

  1.2 Vice President (Administration), Vice President (Veterinary), Vice President (Finance), Vice President (Technical) & Vice President (Sports Development)

   1.3 Executive Committee members 6, of which five will be responsible for the five official disciplines such as Dressage, Jumping, Eventing, Tent Pegging and Endurance the sixth member will be responsible for Medication control and Equine Welfare.

    1.4 Regional Members (06): From six zones as at Article 028

    1.5 Secretary General (01)

    1.6 Joint Secretaries

    1.7 Treasurer (01)





1.  There will be four categories of members:-.

   1.1  Individual Members:- Indian citizens/NRI's who are 18 years of age and above are eligible to become members. All individual members must be riders or exriders/veterinarians/breeders associated with equestrian sports. However, on the approval of the Executive Committee, a non rider may be made a member, if in the opinion of the Executive Committee he/she would be able to contribute to the development of the equestrian sport significantly..

     1.2  State Associations:- All State association are eligible to be members of the EFI.

   1.3  Institutions/Clubs/Units:- Institutions including All India Bodies, Clubs, Defence Units and Government Establishments can apply for membership of the EFI.However such membership will be restricted to only those organizations that are involved in Equestrian Activities. The Executive Committee may seek general assembly approval for terminating membership of those institutions which do not meet the above criteria.

   1.4  Honorary Members:- The Executive Committee may confer honorary membership of required designation (i.e., either as Honorary President/Vice President/ Executive committee member) to their members for their long and outstanding contribution to EFI and to further the cause of equestrian sports in the country.Honorary Membership, of the designation last held, will also be granted to members who have completed three terms or twelve years as an elected office bearer of the Federation.Honorary Membership, can attend meetings, if invited but will not have voting rights.Honorary membership can also be granted to elite riders who are Arujna awardees/Asian game medalists in recognition of their contribution to the sport.

2.  All membership applications will be screened for eligibility by the membership screening committee duly nominated by the Executive Committee.



1. Application for individual membership, duly proposed and seconded by existing members, must be sent by the applicant to the Secretary General in the prescribed membership form. Relevant details/ personal resume of the applicant, highlighting his / her equestrian background/ certificate from appropriate recognised equestrian institution/ Club /State Association, should be attached with the application. The Executive Committee/Screening committee may call for a personal interview of the applicant.

2. State Association applying for membership/affiliation to EFI must apply in the prescribed membership form. The State Association will furnish list of affiliated members along with recognition from its state Olympic Association. The EFI after examining the details will grant provisional membership to the association.Thereafter, after assessing the equestrian activities process of elections, audited accounts, age & tenure of office bearers of the state association the EFI will then grant regular membership status with voting rights to the said association. In case of non-compliance of above, EFI may suspend/terminate the membership of the state association. The EFI will recognize only one state association per state in the Union of India.

3. Clubs/institutions/Army Units applying for membership to the EFI must apply on the prescribed form to the Secretary General. All relevant details regarding the office bearers, membership list and profile, number of horses and ponies owned/held, facilities available etc.must be forwarded alongwith the application form. The Secretary General, on the advice of the Screening Committee, may ask for further information, if necessary. In case of Clubs/Schools, proof of affiliation to the respective State Association is mandatory. Army clubs need not be affiliated to State Associations.

4. If all the information provided by the application is found satisfactory by the Screening Committee, then the same will be put up to the Executive Committee for ratification. The General Assembly will be informed of the same. The members thus ratified will enjoy all rights and benefits,including voting rights and right to contest elections.



1. On approval of an application, an applicant will be charged an annual subscription effective from (date of ratification by Executive Committee) as laid down in these statutes. However, at the time of application a non refundable application fee must accompany the application, otherwise it is null and void.

2. All annual subscriptions will be paid in advance by 31 Oct of each financial year ending 31 Mar. Failure to pay by due date will automatically disqualify a member from voting rights in ensuing General Assembly. The EFI Secretariate will ensure that the subscription bills are raised and forwarded to all concerned well in time.

3. The fee payable by all categories of members will be decided by the EC and ratified by the GA.



1. All members will have the following rights:-.

   1.1 Right to receive the copy of the Statues,Memorandum and Rules and Regulations of the EFI, as and when published, on payment of prescribed fee.

   1.2 Right to receive the Balance Sheet and audited accounts of the EFI.

 1.3 Right to attend the General Assembly (AnnualGeneral Body Meeting) and Extra Ordinary General Assembly.

   1.4 Right to vote at General Assembly Meeting / Extra Ordinary General Assembly subject to conditions stipulated in these Statutes.

   1.5  Right to stand for election after fulfilling criteria, if any, for the post.

   1.6 Liabilities of the members are limited to the extent of their subscriptions and entrance fees.

   1.7 Each member is entitled to a membership card issued by the Federation.

2.  Resignation: A member shall give in writing his intention to withdraw from the membership of the EFI to the Executive Committee (addressed to the Secretary General). Such a resignation will take effect from the date of its acceptance by the Executive Committee.

3. Removal/Suspension/ Termination of Memebership:

 A member shall cease to be a member of the EFI if:-

   3.1 He has been adjudicated as insolvent by a court.

   3.2 He, being a Government servant, has been dismissed from Service.

   3.3 He has been found guilty by a competent court for an offence involving gross misconduct or has been sentenced to imprisonment.

   3.4 He has not paid the bills on due date as stipulated in these Statutes despite two reminders.

4. Removal/Suspension of Membership:

   4.1 An individual member may be removed from the Federation if he has been found guilty of any conduct which, in the opinion of the Executive Committee, is against the objectives of the EFI or contrary to its interest. In such a case, the decision of the Executive Committee must be by a majority of two third votes. In the case of a State Association and Institutional members, the same has to be put up to General Body/Extra Ordinary General Body and its decision will be final.

   4.2 The Executive Committee, may suspend an individual member for an offence for a specific period. The decision for suspension will be by voting based on two third majority. At the end of the suspension period, the member will be automatically reinstated all his rights. Such actions will need to be ratified by the Executive Committee.

   4.3 The General Assembly, by a two third majority of votes, can suspend/remove/terminate from the Federation any member including the member of Executive Committee and other Sub Committee for gross misconduct or for activites contrary to interests of the EFI, after giving due notice in writing.

5. Right of Appeal: A member whose membership has been terminated or suspended by the Executive Committee, shall have the right to appeal to the General Assembly at its meeting, whenever it is due. Till such time a decision is taken by the General Assembly, the member shall be treated as a suspended member of the EFI.

6. Reinstatement: When the General Assembly decides by a two third majority of voter members present to reinstate a member after hearing his appeal against termination, the member will be reinstated after paying all dues and the normal subscription.

7. Effect of Suspension or Removal/Expulsion:

   7.1 When an individual member is suspended by the Executive Committee he will not be allowed to participate in any event during that period and will also not be allowed to attend or take part in any meeting of the EFI except when his appeal is being heard in such meeting.

   7.2 In case of a State associations/Clubs or an Institutional member, the concerned organisation or institute or a Unit or a Club will not be allowed to conduct or hold any competition or event under its patronage/aegis of EFI or send a representative to attend or take part in any meeting of the Federation.

   7.3 The cases of suspension and subsequent reinstatement as well as case of expulsion and removal will be made known as soon as possible to other members by the Secretary General of EFI. He will aslo inform the concerned member in writing of the decision.





    1.   The General Assembly, in session under the Statues, is the supreme authority of EFI.

   2.   The General Assembly shall be the controlling body of the Federation. All authority is vested in it and decisions of the assembly shall be binding on all members.

   3.   Each State Association, Institution, Club or Unit member may be represented by two delegates and has two votes.The voting authorization will be signed by President or Secretary/CO or OC in the case of Institutional/Unit members and by the member himself in the case of an individual member. A terminated member will not be allowed to represent another member of EFI (State Association / Club/ Individual).

   4.   Honorary President, Honorary Vice President and other Honorary Members and Ex-offico Members may attend the General Assembly without voting rights.



The functions and powers of General Assembly are supreme and will be as follows:-

    1.   To approve the minutes of last General Assembly.

   2.   To approve the agenda.

   3.   To elect members of Executive Committee/Selection Committee, whenever is due.

   4.   To recieve, discuss and approve the Annual Report submitted by the Secretary General.

   5.  To recieve and approve the Annual Financial Report submitted by Vice President (Finance) and /or by Secretary General/Honorary Treasurer.

   6.  To approve Budget proposal for the next financial year.

   7.   To receive, discuss and approve reports if any received from Voice Presidents/Executive Committee members.

   8.   To approve reinstatement of expelled members except those expelled or terminated on disciplinary grounds.

   9.   To decide on items put on the agenda by the Executive Committee on request of members.

   10.   To approve and amend rules and regulations/statutes. These, however , would have to be passed by two third valid votes of members present.

   11.   To consider suspension and thereafter termination of membership of a member who approaches an out side agency for dispute resolution, bypassing the inbuilt statutory mechanism.

   12.   To take appropriate action on issues relating to non implementation of statutes raised by members, including disqualifying the person concerned in an extreme case by two third majority. However, before taking any action the matter must be referred to the Dispute Resolution and Disciplinary Committee for necessary inquiry and report.

   13.   To deal with any other matter not specifically provided for elsewhere in these rules.



    1.   Points to be included in an agenda for an ordinary General Assembly must be sent to Secretary General EFI by 30th of April of the year in question, in writing, in order to enable the Secretariat to include the same. The Secretary General will ensure that all such points are put up to the Executive Committee for discussion and deliberation. The Executive Committee may, there after , decide to include or exclude the points in the agenda of the General Assembly. The member concerned, in any case, will have to be informed of the outcome by the Secretary General in writing.

   2.   Only items notified in the agenda may be decided at a session. In exceptional cases, the Chairman may allow unlisted items also to be discussed.



    1.   The General Assembly shall be held at least once in every calendar year but not later than 30th Sep. Such Annual General Assembly shall be called "Ordinary General Assembly Meeting".

   2.   General Assembly Meeting will be held after giving a minimum notice of 30 days in writing specifying the date, place and hour of the meeting and the agenda of the Meeting. Such information will also be dispatched under postal certificate to all members.

   3.   The quorum for holding an Annual General Assembly Meeting shall be a minimum of 75 members of the EFI. A member for this purpose means an individual member in person or a unit/institutional member , represented by one individual of that organization. No proxy is allowed to count towards quorum.

   4.   General Assembly will be presided by the President, However , if cannot be chaired by the President, then the Voice President (Administration) will preside. In case of absence of both, Executive Committee will nominate the Chairman.



    1.   In case of necessity , another General Assembly can be convened during the year. This will be called "Extra Ordinary General Assembly".

   2.   The Executive Committee may whenever they think fit, and or upon requisition made by 50 members of the EFI, an Extra-Ordinary General Assembly can be convened. A meeting convened by requisition shall be fixed for a date not late than 21 days from the date of requisition. The requisition shall specify the object of the meeting and only business specified shall be discussed at the meeting.

   3.   The conduct of the Extra-Ordinary General Assembly Meeting will be exactly like the Odinary General Assembly Meeting but quorum has to be minimum of 50 members excluding Executive Committee members.

   4.   Decisions recorded in the Minutes shall be as binding.

   5.   The powers of the Extra Ordinary General Assembly will be same as the Ordinary General Assembly except amendments to statutes which can only be taken up in the ordinary General Assembly.

   6.   Minutes of General Assembly/Extra Ordinary General Assembly must be mandatorily sent/ circulated to all the members within 30 days from the date of the meeting. It will also be placed in the federation reference file.





    1.   The management of the business of the EFI shall be vested in the Executive Committee of members as structured below:

1.1 President -   1

1.2 Vice President -    5 (Technical, Administration, Finance, Veterinary, Sports Development).

1.3 Secretary General -    1

1.4 Joint Secretary -   1

1.5 Treasurer -   1

1.6Other Members -   Other Members - 6- one member each for Dressage, Eventing, Jumping, Tent pegging, Endurance and Medication Control and Equine Welfare.

1.7 Regional Members -   6 (One member representing each zone/region. For this purpose, the country is divided into six regions as in Chapter VII)

   2.   The President at his discretion, may invite any person (s) to Executive Committee/Executive Board Meetings who in his opinion may meaningfully contribute to the discussions and deliberations. However, such invitees will not have any voting rights.

   3.   The Executive Committee will meet at least four times in a year with a 15 days notice. The interval between such meetings shall, however, not exceed three months. .

   4.   The quorum for holding of Executive Comittee Meeting shall be a minimum of seven members.

   5.  All the members of the Executive Committee shall be elected from amongst the members of the EFI. It shall be obligatory for the Secretary General, Joint Secretaries and Treasurer to be Delhi based.

   6.   A member of the Executive Committee when associated with a team during an event, shall not claim his prerogative as a member of the Executive Committee.

6.1   Conflict of Interest: A person with conflict of interest will not be elected as member of Executive Committee neither he will be any office bearer of the federation. The definition of conflict of interest is to be followed as per article 158 of general regulations of FEI.

   7.   Each member of the Executive Committee, shall assume his office on the following day of the conclusion of the Annual General Assembly Meeting in which the elections were made and will hold the office for a term of four years or till the next Annual General Assembly Meeting, whichever is later. All members of the Executive Committee except the President, Secretary General & Treasurer may serve a maximum of two consecutive terms followed by a cooling off period of 2 years. For the Govt employees, the order of DOPT is applicable, according to which any Govt servant cannot hold elective office in any Sports Federation / Association for a term of more than four years or for one term, whichever is less. However this rule will not apply to a goverment servant who is an athlete and at participated at National/international game and Chanpionship.In the case of president, Secretary General and Treasure the following restriction will apply with regard to re-election.

7.1   The President can hold the office for a maximum period of twelve years with or without break i.e. three terms.

7.2   The Secretary General and the Treasurer may serve a maximum of two successive terms of four years each after which a minimum cooling off period of four years will apply to seek fresh election to either post. Such a member, on completion of twelve years/3rd term will be granted honorary designation equivalent to the position last held by the individual concerned. Such members will not be entitled to contest any further elections. Such honorary members, however, will be entitled to attend meetings as and when they are invited.

   8.   Members who wish to serve on the Executive Committee should be proposed and seconded by individual/Institutional members of the EFI, 21 days in advance of the meeting. The Secretary General will notify the list of candidates by displaying the same conspicuously on the EFI Notice Board 10 days before the meeting, at which they are to be elected.

   9.   If a vacancy in the Executive Committee occurs during the year, due to demise, resignation or for any other reason, the Executive Committee may nominate a suitable member of the Federation to hold the said office till the next Annual General Assembly Meeting. This short term will not, however, count towards his total tenure in case he is subsequently elected for a term.

   10.   Elections of the above committee members will be held once in four yeas or whenever a vacancy occurs during the General Assembly/Extra Ordinary General Assembly from amongst members. All such elected members will serve a four year term. The election process will be guided bye-laws as framed and approved by Executive Committee from time to time.

   11.   If an Executive Committee member does not attend three consecutive meetings without cogent reason, he/she will cease to be a member and the President can nominate another suitable EFI member to meet immediate requirement. A suitable member will, however be elected in the ensuing General Assembly to fill up the vacancy.

   12.   The Executive Committee is empowered to form sub committees / any other committees that it considers necessary.

   13.   The Executive Committee is empowered to approve and issue Technical Guidelines/General Regulations as required for development of sport and conduct of events.

   14.   Age of office-Bearers: The office bearers (President, Secretary General & Treasurer) shall cease to hold the post on attaining the age of 70 years.





       The following committees will be nominated by the Executive Committee:

   1.   Advisory Comittee: A three member Advisory Committee will be nominated by the Executive Committee. The committee will act as an advisory body to the President and the Executive Committee. The term for this committee will be two years. It is, however, mandatory that this committee is constituted by members who have been elected in earlier Executive Committees. The function of this committee will be purely advisory in nature. The points raised by the members of this committee must mandatorily form a part of Executive Committee agenda.

   2.   Bid Evaluation Committee: The committee will consists of three members nominated by the Executive Committee. Any member of the EFI is eligible to be the member of the committee. All the bids received for hosting of events under the aegis of EFI will be examined by the committee. The committee, after careful examination, will present the bids with its comments to the Executive Committee for approval and subsequent calendar finalisation. The term of this committee will be for two years.

   3.   Membership Screening Committee: The Executive Committee will nominate a three member committee to screen and examine all membership applications. The Committee will then put up/ present the list with its comments to the Executive Committee for its approval. The term of this committee will be for two years. .

   4.   Media and Publicity Committee: The Executive Committee will nominate a three member Media and Publicity Committee to ensure due publicity and suitable media coverage for the sport and sports persons. The term of this committee will be for two years.

   5.  Dispute Resolution and Disciplinary Committee: The Executive Committee will nominate a three member committee, who are not members of Executive Committee, for resolution of all disputes relating to violation of statutes, disciplinary cases arising in course of events held under the aegis of EFI etc excluding those which are referable to technical committee constituted for their resolution. The committee will, after calling for all relevant records and facts and after giving reasonable opportunity to the parties, will render its reasoned decision within a maximum period of sixty days. If a party continues to be aggrieved, it shall be open to that party to file an appeal against the committee's decision before the Executive Committee within a period of thirty days from the date of the aforesaid decision. The decision of the Executive Committee, thereafter, will be final and binding on the parties. It will, however, be mandatory for the Executive Committee to take up the appeal in its following meeting. The term of this committee will be for two years.



   1.   The Selection Committee consisting of five members will be elected by the General Assembly. Only members who have won medals in any of the equestrian disciplines in the National Equestrian Championships are eligible. Their tenure will be of two years duration.They can seek re-election for another term of two years by simple majority. The president shall nominate the Chairman of the selection Committee to conduct the proceedings of the meeting. All proceedings will be recorded. The Secretary General can attend meetings but without voting rights and will record all proceedings and obtain signature off all attending Selection Committee members. Signed copies will be sent to all committee members by Secretary General within 10 days of convening a meeting. Copies will also be sent to all Executive Committee members and placed in the federation reading file.

   2.   If a Selection Committee member does not attend two consecutive meetings he will cease to be a member and the President can nominate another suitable EFI member to meet immediate requirement. A suitable member will however, be elected in the ensuing General Assembly to fill up the vacancy. The criteria for members seeking re election to the Selection Committee will be the same as stipulated in the statutes for Executive Committee members.

   3.   The Selection Committee composed as stipulated in these statutes will assemble as and when necessary for following responsibilities.

3.1   Selection of Indian teams and Chef d'equipe /Coaches/Managers for all disciplines to represent India in International Events held in India and abroad. This will include Asian Games /Olympics/ International / Regional Games. Performance and merit will be the only criteria.

3.2   Selection Criteria will be finalized and intimated to all members and thereafter will be strictly adhered to.

3.3   The Selection Committee will also decide the nominations for Arjuna, Dronacharya Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna and similar awards and their recommendations will be put up to the Executive Committee for final approval. The final decision will thereafter be conveyed to the Government and to the General Assembly by the Secretary General.

3.4   The President may reconvene Selection Committee meeting should in his opinion there is need to do so, based on complaints/ representations received by him. However the reconvening of the meeting can be done only once.



       The following committees will be nominated by the Executive Committee:

   1.   All chef d'equipe /Managers /Coaches to accompany Indian teams for all International Competitions held in foreign countries/India including Asian Games, World Equestrian Games and Olympic Games will be done by the Selection Committee and then approved by the Executive Committee. If for any reason, there is an urgency to decide and the Executive Committee cannot meet, then the Secretary General must inform them at the earliest. In any case, the Chef d'equipe will mandatorily submit a report of all foreign trips in the subsequent Executive Committee Meetings.





   1.  The President is overall responsible for ensuring that the purposes and principles of EFI are observed and for general supervision of all its activities and will guide all members in discharge of their duties.

   2.  The President should generally chair all sessions of General Assembly, Executive Committee/Executive Board and other committee that may be formed. However, he may delegate responsibility to chair meeting in case of his temporary inability to attend such meetings.

   3.  The President will ensure that the financial position of EFI is sound.

  4.  The President, in consultation with Secretary General, has full powers to ensure smooth day to day running of EFI, its Secretariat, and for holding the General Assemblies and its related expenditure. They are also vested with powers to incur expenditure involved in organising or supervising any equestrian competition held under the aegis of EFI.

   5.  To deal with disciplinary matters subject to ratification by Executive Committee and General Assembly as laid down in these statutes.

   6.  The President is entitled to casting vote in case of a tie. This will be clearly recorded in the minutes.

  7.  In the event of resignation by the President, the Vice President (Administration) will preside. If the Vice President (Administration) is also not available, the Executive Committee may nominate a suitable member as the President. It is, however, mandatory for such a member to get formally elected within six months of the nomination or the next AGM which-ever is earlier.



 He will be responsible to General Assembly for administration of EFI. His duties will be as under:

   1.  Responsible for all duties of administrative nature, involving all activites of EFI.

   2.  He will assist the President in the duties related to administration.

  3.  Preside over the Executive Committee Meeting and General Assembly / Extra Ordinary General Assembly in the absence of the President.

   4.  Direct and render all administrative assistance to Secretary General in ensuring smooth functioning of the EFI Secretariat.

   5.  He will guide and oversee the functioning of the Secretariat on all administrative matters including upkeep and maintenance of office, communication and holding of meetings.



 He will be responsible to General Assembly for all Technical activities of EFI. Briefly, his duties will be as under:

   1.  Responsible for all Technical issues (Excluding Veterinary)

   2.  He will assist the President in all Technical related issues.

   3.  He will nominate the EFI Jury/Technical Delegates for all National championships at least one month in advance and for important events such as International events/Asian Games trials jury should be nominated 3 months in advance.

   4.  He will be responsible for formulating Technical Guidelines for all events to be conducted under the aegis of EFI.

   5.  He will present to the Executive Committee a summary of all Technical Delegates report at the end of the equestrian calendar.

  6.  All competition rules and prospectus once finalised for a competition, will not be altered by any Organising Committee without the approval of Vice President (Technical).

   7.  All amendments to Technical Guidelines, rules and regulations will be drafted by him in consultation with members of each discipline of the Executive Committee. However; no such changes shall take effect unless approved by the Executive Committee.

  8.  He will be responsible for organizing clinics for judges and will update the EFI directory. The draft updated directory prepared by him will, however, need approval of the Executive Committee.

  9.  Executive committee members responsible for each discipline such as jumping, eventing, endurance, dressage and tent pegging will report to him and generally work under his guidance.



 He will be responsible to General Assembly for all financial affairs of EFI. His duties will be as under:

   1.  He will assist the President/Secretary General in preparation of Budget Estimates and get them approved by the General Assembly.

   2.  Will ensure budgetary and monetary provisions, as laid down in the Statutes, are strictly adhered to.

   3.  Raise funds by way of sponsorships, donations etc.

   4.  He will be responsible for all expenses, income and investments. Further, he will report to the Executive Committee on the financial status of the Federation.

   5.  He will be responsible for drafting the corpus fee policy/ guidelines, payable by organizing committees for events to be held under the aegis of EFI. He will keep himself informed on the track record / credit worthiness of organizations dealing with the EFI and shall advice the Executive Committee/ President appropriately.

   6.  He will monitor and present to the Executive Committee and to the General Assembly the list of individual and institutional defaulters.

   7.  The Treasurer will report to him and generally work under his guidance.



 He will be responsible to General Assembly on all veterinary matters. His duties will be as under:

 1.  Provide/make available necessary veterinary cover during conduct of National/Intenational events conducted under the aegis of EFI. Make arrangements for Dope Testing and other tests that may be required during an equestrian event.

   2.  Make arrangements to provide veterinary cover to all animals in Coaching Camps and camps established during an equestrian competition approved by the EFI.

   3.  Nominate veterinary personnel to act as members of Veterinary Commissions in competitions conducted under aegis of EFI.

  4.  Keep liaison with the Indian Contact Veterinarian on FEI panel of Veterinarians and keep track of all Veterinary activities and work in conjunction with him.

   5.  Organise and help conduct EFI/FEI Veterinary courses for Veterinarians in India or abroad.

  6.  Periodically screen Indian Veterinarians on FEI Veterinarian panel and in consultation with Contact Veterinarian, submit his recommendations for alterations, additions and deletions to president EFI.

  7.  Advisor to President on all veterinary matters. He will keep close liaison with the Animal Husbandry Department of Government of India and keep track of existing/prevailing veterinary diseases common and peculiar to Genus Equs and issue suitable instructions to all animal holders and riders.

   8.  Make available necessary veterinary lab facilities for sports horses as and when needed and is feasible.

   9.  He will automatcially be the President of Veterinary Commission for shows held in India. In his absence he can nominate a suitable Veterinarian to be the President.

   10.  The member Medication Control Protocol will assist him in all issues relating to medication control and will work under his guidance.

   11.  He can function as or nominate Contact Veterinarian to interact with FEI.



 He will be responsible for all activites relating to development of equestrian sport. Briefly, his duties will be as under:

   1.  He will be responsible for initiating sports development activites to popularise equestrian sport throughout the country.

   2.  He will initiate and coordinate development activities with the FEI.

   3.  He will coordinate and network with the State Associations for development of equestrian sports in the regions and in the States.

   4.  He will, in consultation with the President and Executive Committee members, draw up developmental plan for Regional Competitions within South Asia and Asian Regions.

   5.  He will coordinate with the President and the Quarter Master General to initiate training facilities for skilled manpower such as farriers, dressers, instructors etc. for Club members/ State Associations.

   6.  He will be responsible for development of equestrian sports in all regions and work in consultation with the Regional Members who, in turn, will report to him from time to time on the activities carried out in their region and generally work under his guidance.

   7.  He will be responsible for updating the list of coaches for National and Regional levels.

   8.  He will be responsible for coordinating the development of infrastructure.

  9.  He will keep the President and the Executive Committee informed and seek their guidance in implementing developmental issues.



 The Secretary General (SG) is an ex-offico member of the Executive Committee and of all standing Committees in consultative capacity without the right to vote. He is the head of the Secretariat of EFI and responsible for the following:

   1.  The management of the Secretariat and financial management within the budget approved by General Assembly. He is also authorised to keep an Imprest Cash as approved by Executive Committee for defraying urgent cash expenditure.

   2.  Day to day functioning of EFI Secretariat and upkeep as also maintenance of office.

   3.  Responsible for convening meetings, sessions, recording of minutes and its distribution and implementation of decisions. He will ensure that the minutes of General Assembly / Extra Ordinary General Assembly and Executive Committee as well as selection committee meeting are prepared promptly and disseminated to all concerned, including a copy in the Federation reference file.

   4.  The preparation of Annual Report of EFI, and its submission during General Assembly.

   5.  The correspondence of EFI and the execution of formal documents with the approval of President. He will mandatorily keep the Executive Committee informed of all communications received from Government of India/ State Governments / Sports authority of India/ Indian Olympic Association/ Federation Equestre Internationale. These will be included by him in the agenda of all Executive Committee Meetings.

   6.  He will consult the respective Vice Presidents and seek their guidance in dealing with subject specific matters relating to Federation Equestre Internationale, Indian Olympic Association, Government of India and State Associations.

   7.  Maintain an updated list of approved Coaches, Course Designers and Judges of all disciplines in consultations with the Vice President (Technical). He, however, cannot unilaterally make changes in the list without approval of the Executive Committee.

   8.  He will ensure that the Federation website is updated with all the information for the benefit of the members. He must, however, ensure that the latest technical guidelines, as applicable, calendar of events, grades of horses, updated points of horses and riders and approved list of officials and results, are correctly available on the website at all times. All changes made must be updated promptly.

   9.  Keep President and Vice Presidents posted with all developments and seek their guidance in implementing Statutes, Rules and Regulations of EFI. He will function under the directions of Executive Committee, President and Vice Presidents.

   10.  His absence from office/ leave will be approved by the President / Vice President (Administration). During his absence, his function will be performed by the Joint Secretary.

   11.  He will ensure that the membership register is updated regularly.

   12.  He will ensure that after conclusion of each event results are obtained form the Organising Committee/ Technical Delegate promptly. It is absolutely necessary for him to ensure that the upgrading and downgrading of horses are done prior to the commencement of the next competition/event and updated on the website.

   13.  The Secretary General will keep the Executive Committee members informed of all invitations received from International Federations/ foreign countries regarding participation of Indian Team. All such communication must be placed before the Executive Committee for its approval. However, should there be an urgency to decide prior to the Executive Committee meeting then the Secretary General will consult the President and seek his approval for participation and inform the Executive Committee subsequently.

   14.  He will maintain and update the Federation reference file which will include minutes of the Annual General Meeting, Executive Committee meeting, Selection Committee meeting, all invites to the Federation, courses/seminars/clinics etc. This file will be placed in the EFI office and made available to all members.



   1.  There will be two Joint Secretaries namely JS Administration and JS Technical. They will assist the Secretary General in day to day running of EFI Secretariat.

   2.  In absence of the Secretary General the Vice President (Administration) will nominate one of them to officiate as the Secretary General.

   3.  Duties of Joint Secretary

   (a)  Assist the Secretary General in all administrative functions of the Secretariat.

   (b)  Prepare the agenda points and minutes in consultation with the Secretary General for all meetings including Executive Committee and Annual General Meetings and ensure that those are circulated to all concerned well in time.

   (c)  Ensure that all trophies, mementoes, office equipment and records are well maintained and available when required.

   (d)  Ensure that website is updated.

   (e)  Ensure that all circulars, letters and communications are attended to promptly and efficiently. However he must take guidance from Secretary General on the same.

   (f)  He will assist the Secretary General in all matters relating to Veterinary issues. He will maintain a meticulous record of all Dope test results and all reports/records relating to competitive status of horses. Organise the documentation and administrative support to Veterinary/ farriery clinics organised by the Federation.

   (g)  Seek activity reports from Regional members at least once a year to present the same to Executive Committee.


   (a)  Updating Grading register.

   (b)  Ensure timely receipt of prospectus relating to events to be held under the aegis of EFI and after examining, approve the same in consultation with Secretary General and Vice President (Technical).

   (c)  Ensure that the list of Jury and TDs prepared by the Vice President (Technical) is circulated well in time to all concerned.

   (d)  To be in regular touch with the OC of all events under the aegis of EFI and ensure that they are provided with the latest Technical Guidelines of the Federation. Also to assess from time to time the overall preparatory work done by the OC and to keep all concerned informed.

   (e)  To liaise with State association and seek activity reports from all State associations.

   (f)  To ensure that reports of all coaching camps are properly maintained and to put up the same to President and Vice President Technical.

   (g)  To ensure that all results of all events are systematically recorded and available when required. Also seek from the NRI riders of their performance record.

   (h)  Ensure that all bids of events are compiled and forwarded to Vice President (Technical) and put up to Executive Committee for final approval and inclusion in the calendar.

   (i)  Compile an overall events report in consultation with Vice President (Technical) at the end of the season for presenting the same to the Executive Committee.

   (j)  Assist the Vice President (Sports Development) in preparing performance appraisal presentations for the Executive Committee for disciplines such as Dressage, Eventing, Jumping and Endurance.

   (k)  Visit events if necessary on the advice of Secretary General/Vice President/ President and submit a report to the concerned official.



   1.  He shall receive all money, including subscriptions of the Federation, and maintain proper account of the same and issue proper receipts.

   2.  He shall be in charge of all money, accounts books, papers, vouchers and records including cheque books pertaining to EFI and shall submit an audited statement of accounts annually and/or otherwise, if necessary.

   3.  He shall deposit all money, when received by the Federation, in the approved Bank immediately and maintain receipts for all payments made.

   4.  He will present annual accounts for audit and get the accounts throughly audited by the Chartered Accountant selected by the General Assembly. Such audit will be carried out within three months of the closing of financial year and the profit and loss account, income and expenditure account reflected properly.

   5.  He will send copies of his correspondence with Chartered Accountant to the Secretary General for coordination and information of the President and Vice President (Finance).

   6.  He will assist in the preparation of the Annual Budget Estimate and also present the annual audit report before the Executive Committee and the General Assembly.

   7.  No expenditure shall be made by the Treasurer without the sanction of the President/Secretary General. He will ensure that expenditure authorised is within the powers vested in the office bearers concerned and also ensure that budget estimates authorised by the General Assembly are not exceeded.

   8.  He will submit to the President and Vice President (Finance) periodical state of financial affairs and will also keep them posted of any developments.

   9.  He will keep the President and Vice President (Finance) informed of the following:    9.1.  List of members who have defaulted in payment of membership fee.

   9.2.  List of Creditors and Debtors.
   10.  Get all accounts audited by the Board of officers as nominated by the President/Vice President (Finance) at the conclusion of any major show directly organised and conducted by the EFI. This will precede audit by the Chartered Accountant.

   11.  He will maintain details of deposits, Investments (and their renewal as and when warranted under proper authority) and keep them under his personal custody. A physical check will be carried out periodically and a certificate rendered to President EFI for his information.

   12.  He will be responsible for raising subcription bills and bills relating to corpus money or any other dues receivable by the Federation.

   13.  He will furnish and updated account of the grants/financial support received from Ministry of sports, Government of India/any other agency and present the same to Executive Board, Executive Committee and GA.



   1.  One member will be responsible for each of the disciplines Jumping, Dressage, Eventing, Endurance & Tent Pegging and one for Medication Control and Equine Welfare.

   2.  The member discipline will be responsible to the Executive Committee and to the General Assembly for all issues relating to his discipline.

   3.  The member discipline will chalk out plans and programmes for the improvement of the discipline and present the same to the Executive Committee for approval.

   4.  The member discipline will ensure that all statistics and data relating to the discipline is updated and readily available.

   5.  The member discipline will make specific plans for improvements in the competitive standard of the discipline concerned.

   6.  The member discipline will coordinate and guide the Organising Committee of events relating to his discipline.

   7.  He will assist the Vice President (Technical) in updation and amendments to Technical guidelines.

   8.  The member disciplines will to the extent possible personally attend all events relating to his discipline but mandatorily attend the NEC Championships relating to his discipline.

   9.  The member for Medication Control and equine welfare will assist the Vice President (Veterinary) in all aspects and will be directly responsible for the medication control.



   1.  To ensure that financial position of the Federation remains sound, strict economy and fiscal control will be exercised. No unauthorised expenditure will be incurred and the monetary ceilings as prescribed below are strictly adhered to.

   2.  No expenditure will be incurred without prior approval of the Annual Budget by the General Assembly. The annual expenditure will be confined to the amount so approved, under each budgetary head. Any excess due to unforeseen circumstances will first be got approved by the Vice President (Finance), who will seek due approval of the same in the subsequent Executive Committee Meeting. He will also keep the President informed of such unforeseen expenditure.

   3.  The financial powers of the following office bearers will be prescribed by Executive Committee form time to time

   3.1  Executive Committee

   3.2  President

   3.3  Secretary General

   3.4  Joint Secretaries






 The country is divided into six Regions/zones as under:

   1.  North Zone - Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana and Union Territories of Chandigarh and Delhi

   2.  East Zone - West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand and Orissa

   3.  Central Zone - Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Uttarakhand

   4.  West Zone - Maharashtra, Goa, Gujarat, and Rajasthan

   5.  South Zone - Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Puducherry

   6.  North East Zone - Assam, Manipur, Nagaland, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, Tripura, Meghalaya and Mizoram



   1.  Responsible for all duties as enumerated in the Statutes of EFI in respect of Executive Committee, as he becomes its member after election. In addition, he will have the following responsibilities:

   2.  Promote and co-ordinate equestrian activities in his zone.

   3.  Identify local talent especially form amongst school and college going childern and from local Riding School/Club.

   4.  Arrange/organise and help in raising local civilian Riding Clubs in as many cities, colleges and schools as possible.

   5.  Liaise and co-ordinate with mounted unit to get maximum help in organising exclusive horse shows in their zones.

   6.  Liaise with University sports bodies and obtain infrastructure for equestrian events which could form a part and parcel of their sports events.

   7.  Keep contact with EFI and obtain their help in organising their own shows/ coaching camps / clinics etc.

   8.  Liaise with Army and Para Military authorities holding their shows and include some events purely for civilians and /or organise their own shows by utilising their infrastructure.

   9.  Arrange suitable instructors/coaches for local riders with the help of EFI.



   1.  All nominations must be sent to Secretary General for compilation and scrutiny for elections in the General Assembly as laid down in these statutes.

   2.  In case no nominations are received, the President EFI, in consultation with Executive Committee, can nominate a suitable person as the regional member.

   3.  All Regional members must mandatorily be the resident/temproary resident of the region. Members residing outside the region must be sponsored by the State Association to contest election as Regional members.



   1.  All State associations must mandatorily hold their General Body Meetings once every year and a copy of the minutes must be forwarded to EFI by 31st of March of the following year. Where as the State Association will have full autonomy in conducting their affairs and elections, they will however ensure that members suspended/terminated by the EFI are not representative office bearers in dealing with the EFI.

   2.  Calendar of Events relating to National / Regional Championship should be sent well in advance for approval/further dissemination to all members of the EFI.

   3.  A brief report on the promotional activities and events held should be forwarded to EFI at least once a year.

   4.  The Executive Committee may recommend to the General Assembly regarding the derecognition of State Association which are not engaged in conducting events and promoting the sport within the State / Region.

   5.  State Associations must hold regular activites such as coaching camps, National/Regional/Local level equestrian championships. A report of those events must be forwarded to EFI from time to time.



    1.  All bids received by the EFI Secretariat must be forwarded to the Bid Evaluation Committee.

   2.  On allotment of event, a corpus fees as stipulated by Executive Committee has to be paid by the organising Committee. 50% of the said fee should be paid one month prior to commencement of the event and the balance amount to be remitted within one week of conclusion of event, a gurantee of which by way of postdated cheque/ bank gurantee etc. has to be furnished prior to the event.

   3.  Association/ Institutions willing to host NEC events must have earlier record of hosting at least one Regional Championship under the aegis of EFI.

   4.  The Calendar, once approved by the General Assembly, cannot be changed unless the change is examined and approved by the Executive Committee.

   5.  The proposed calendar/ First Draft will be approved by the Executive Committee and circulated to all members by 31st May each year. This will then be posted on the website. Suggestion/ comments of members, if any must be sent to the Secretary General by 30th June of the relevant year. The final calendar of events will be published by Secretary General by 31st July of the same year. Should there be more than one bid for a National Championship, Executive Committee should consider allotting the event to different Regions in different calendar years in order to promote the sport in all the regions and to maintain the National character of sport and Federation.

   6.  The calendar of events relating to participation of Indian Team in foreign countries should be prepared by the Secretary General and put up for approval of the President.

   7.  During a competition for the event/selection trials, preceeding an international event, any horse during the event selected for Indian/Foreign team will be provided by the rider/Unit/ Club without any preconditions, failing which rider/Unit/Club can be debarred from participation for up to three years.





   1.  All correspondence to the EFI should be addressed to the Secretary General. Members should invariably quote their membership number while corresponding with the EFI.



   1.  Affiliation: The EFI will be affiliated to the Sports Authority of India, the Indian Olympics Association, the International Tent Pegging Federation, Asian Equestrian Federation and Federation Equestre Internationale. The EFI can also become a member of other equestrian organization and other allied organization as and when authorized by the Executive committee. The General Assembly will be kept informed.

   2.  Reciprocation: The Executive Committee may extend reciprocal facilities to the members of the affiliated Association/Organisations/Clubs/Institutons and Defence/Para military Forces/Poice Organisations/ Establishment and Units.

   3.  Winding up: The winding up of the EFI can only be decided by the votes of two-third of the members, delivered in person or by proxy, at an Extra Ordinary General Assembly Meeting, Specially convened for this purpose

   4.  Disposal of Assets: On dissolution of the society, the net assets and properties of the society shall be transferred to an association of persons or trust or society having similar purpose and objects of this society with prior approval of General Assembly.

   5.  Registration of Horses: All horses participating in competitions held under aegis of EFI must be registered with EFI as laid down by the Secretariat. This will be a one time registration for a particular horse.

   6.  Irrevocability: The society is irrevocable.

   7.  The amended statutes will come into force with effect from 27th August 2017.


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